FREE Band photos? Read on...

Hi! Welcome to my brandspankingnew website. If you have read the description you'll probably know by now that concert and portrait photography are two of my favourite types of photography - amongst many.

Simply put - I love shooting photos, especially of bands, musicians, artists, etc. 

So to launch my new website I'm offering to do THREE artist/band shoots for FREE during the months of May/June, 2017.

Yep, that's right. TOTALLY FREE. 

So if you're an artist or play in a band and like what I do then don't pass up this opportunity. If you're playing a gig I'm happy to come and shoot that or if you need some promo shots for you're band we can get that done, too.

I am in the Greater London/Three Counties area so if you're somewhere around here just drop me a line and let's get started.

What's the catch? There is none. I've got some time in May/June so I'll do three free shoots on a first come/first served basis - just fill in the form below to get in touch.